Airless System
(Fixed and Movable) (Italy)



Airless glazes, engobes and transparent frits application system that guarantees the full control of the glazing process. It is equipped with a pressure transducer that checks and keeps the working pressure constant. The nozzles condition is controlled by an alarm system with sound and visual effect that indicates ware and tear or occlusion of the same nozzles. Moreover, through the economy function it's possible to save energy and avoid product wastes in case of accidental production stops. Special Airless HP Economy system is a total guarantee to obtain the utmost result.

SLIM COVER (Movable Airless)

Complete airless system for big sizes, wholly made of stainless steel with a single aspirated bottom booth. Glaze application equipped complete with nº4 & nº6 airless spray guns. Upper axis featured by a single transfer with a touch screen control board implemented by plc, with uncountable storable applicative/working recipes.
The cabin is made of stainless steel Aisi 304 and it is provided with anti over spray nets, with belt protection and with inspections doors for the manual washing. The airless system is complete with diagraph pump, hoses, spray guns and nozzles.

SLIM COVER FAST (Movable Airless)

The new SLIM COVER FAST series represent excellence regarding the large format machines application.

Machine deliberately manufactured for big size, completely made of stainless steel, upper multi-axis with shifters of
carbon fiber. Vault cabin with non-stick treatment.

Multi-axis format with 6 upper separated transfer shafts with carbon fiber support arms.

Glaze application through nº 4 & n° 6 stainless steel airless spray-guns.Non-stick interior cabin to avoid abrasion or similar damages. Touch screen control board/panel with IP65 protection, and equipped with PLC, 15", communication by remote using Ethernet cable.

Multi-axis brushless motors system controlled by electric board, provided with master-slave axis and driving unit. Preset configuration for monitor system of the application nozzles with cameras (optional) arranged inside the cabin. Data exchange network client/operator via Ethernet and standard OPCUA protocol, managing remotely the machine with VNC, configuration of production boards. Complete machinery kit (including hoses, spray guns and nozzles).

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(Fixed and Movable) (Italy)