(For Kiln and For Glazline)


This machine is an important auxiliary equipment of the fully-automatic production line. During production, manmade or mechanical fault may occur, resulting in production stop or kiln idling and causing heat energy waste and inner temperature rise. Consequently, the following Tiles entering the kiln may be defective.

If this machine is installed, Tiles can be stored in the machine in advance and discharge the ceramicin case of any fault, avoiding kilnidling and subsequent issue from happening.

The storage capacity of this machine can be set to 150m2 or 500m2, depending on customer requirements.

The beam of the machine is pressed from 8mm steel sheet and shaped as the letter Cand all the beams
constitute a lying letter H. the four columns make the machine stable. The storage rack is made from 40*20 square
pipes with the two ends being detachable plastic head of facilitate installation and maintenance. The roller of this
equipment is made of seamless steel pipe and coated with durable rubber. The outer ring is processed by the
milling equipment developed, which ensures the circumferential runout precision 0.3mm. The design ensures
roller running stability and avoids hidden cracks and defectives caused by roller runout. The roller is driven by
helical gears, ensuring conveyance stability and reliability.         


Our new technology of machine provides you the tile storage with FIRST IN FIRST OUT facility. It help you
to take out tile which store first in the compensator. It reduces many problems of tile.               


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(For Kiln and For Glazline)