Piston Pump For Spray Dryer


Hydraulic Piston Slurry Pump

Usage:The plunger pump (piston pump) are designed for transporting sludge (slurry), feeding to the filter press and spray-dryers.


Principle : The plunger pump (piston pump) assembly creates a
certain fluid delivery and keeps it to the pressure level necessary for
the plant, where the pump is installed, to work regularly.
The plunger pump (piston pump) is, therefore, formed by two
cylinders with porcelain piston, by suction and delivery valves, by an
air tank and by a manometer, which is placed on the fluid delivery
line to check the fluid pressure.
Model: YB140, YB200, YB250 and YB-300. Their capacities are
0.3M3/h-40 M3/h,

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